Improving the mental health of young Australians through smartphones  

Improving the mental health of young Australians through smartphones  

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Creating a better future for your kids and generations to follow 

Like you, we care a lot about the future of our younger generations. Recent survey findings have shown that it isn’t uncommon for young people to be dealing with mental health challenges, and we're working hard to improve that experience. 
Researchers and Clinicians from the Black Dog Institute are currently trialling new smartphone interventions for young people aged 12-17 years old who are having a tough time with their mental health. 
And we're hoping that you can help us to get young participants on board. 
What’s involved?  
The study randomly allocates participants to take part in 1 of 3 smartphone activities to be completed over a 6 week period.  
By taking part, participants have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of themselves, learn new information, skills and strategies to help with their mental health, and contribute to important research.  
Participants will: 
  • Answer online survey questions about themselves and their mental health at 3 different times during the study. Each survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete;  
  • Spend 20 minutes each week (for six weeks) completing the activity on their smartphone. The three randomly allocated activities include: 
  • o weekly SMS tips and information for their mental health  
    o a new mental health smartphone app called ClearlyMe  
    o ClearlyMe smartphone app as well as a weekly SMS chat delivered by trained Institute staff.  If your child is not allocated to a smartphone activity with the ClearlyMe smartphone app they will be given six weeks of access after their 4 month follow-up survey.
  • Participants receive a $10AUD GiftPay e-Voucher for each survey completed (total of $30AUD for all surveys).  

  • Researchers will use the data collected from the surveys and the use of the smartphone activities to determine which activity leads to better mental health outcomes for young people. 
    Who is this study suited for? 
    We are looking for interested participants who fit the following criteria:  
    o Aged 12-17 years  
    o Located in Australia  
    o Currently experiencing mild to moderately-severe depressive symptoms  
    o Own or have access to a smartphone (iOS or Android)  
    o Have internet access, an active email address and mobile phone number  
    o Are comfortable with reading English at Year 7-8 level  
    o Have a parent or guardian who can provide consent for your participation  
    o Are not currently getting OR about to start (in the next 2 weeks) psychological treatment for feelings of low mood, depression or anxiety from a psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health
    o Are not currently taking OR about to start (in the next 2-weeks) any daily prescribed medication for your mental health.
    o Are not currently experiencing severe suicidal ideation  
    o Have not experienced serious suicidal ideation or a suicide attempt in
    the past month.  

    How to get involved
    For any parents and carers interested in the study, we ask that you don’t fill out the questionnaire on behalf of your child.  
    Instead, we encourage an open discussion with them so they can volunteer their own interest. At that point, they can complete the survey below alone or alongside you, depending on their comfort level. 
    Click here to get started

    Further trial information
    A full description of the research activities can be found here .

    If you would like more information about the study, please contact the research team
    [email protected].  
    Trial Manager, Dr Mirjana Subotic-Kerry . HC Number: HC210889

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