Join the hugAbear app; a safe, supportive and nurturing community of mums

Join the hugAbear app; a safe, supportive and nurturing community of mums

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Posted 2020-10-17 by Suefollow
Motherhood is a life-changing experience, one not made easier by societies expectations of what a 'Mother' is meant to be and the sacrifices she is expected to make on behalf of her family. Without ever intending to, we can often rely on experts and peers to justify and define what normal should feel like for all Mothers.

Moderating some of the largest online Mums Group Communities on Facebook, we witness the intentional or unintentional judgement of other mums who do not fit into the societal mould of motherhood, or ask questions challenging a Mothers traditional role. While our admins and moderators do their best to monitor the activity in our Groups, they are too large and diverse in both members and opinions to truly be inclusive of all.

Imagine what a community of like-minded Mums would be like... a community of real, unconditional support built on the foundation of a realistic and kinder model of motherhood. We are excited to introduce hugAbear to our members and followers. For Mums who haven't seen the benefit of traditional Mums Groups (either in-person or on social media), hugAbear will be creating a modern-day village for a modern-day mum in the form of an App.

hugAbear has taken a pledge to build a community that serves mums from all walks of life who feel trapped in the shackles of unrealistic "self-sacrificial" and the "forever giving" model of motherhood. A safe haven for Mums to take their masks off and put the normalised role of a Mother aside to acknowledge the woman within. To show that sad Mothers are NOT failed mothers.

The hugAbear founder created the App with the aim of us all being able to love the women within the Mums. "To foster that aim, we made sure that there is only one place in our community where mums can talk about, seek advice and share information about their kids. We believe this kind of mum-support already exists virtually everywhere - whether it be social media Mum Groups, mum networks, mums & bubs activity groups or forums. hugAbear , on the other hand, is committed to supporting all the other aspects of a Mother like relationships, health, career and frustrations of motherhood."

The app will bring the support of a dedicated tribe to your fingertips. With tap of a finger, mums will be able to send SOS to thousands of mums who will join in to be your personal cheerleader, therapist and a shoulder to cry on for the next 24 hours. Also within the App, Mums will be able to share everything from break-up stories to custody battles, from infertility struggles to conception, from career/stay at home mum-guilts to gossips, anything and everything that serves the womanhood of the motherhood. The hugAbear community will be built with Mums who take a pledge to generously give non-judgemental and unconditional virtual support. With the tap of a finger, all Mums using the App will be able to experience the dedication of other Mums to help them survive the day.

We are encouraging any Mums who often find themselves unfulfilled in traditional mum-groups or just want to experience the support and joy of a supportive community, to share our excitement of the impending hugAbear App launch. If you share the hugAbear vision, please Like and share the hugAbear Facebook Page and head to the hugAbear website and register your interest to get early access to the App and be a founding Mum-bear.

hugAbear are also inviting Mums to share their voice by sending stories/struggles/opinions to [email protected]. Every voice matters!


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