Frederick the Friendly Fox Book: Helping Children in Marginalised Communities

Frederick the Friendly Fox Book: Helping Children in Marginalised Communities

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Posted 2023-03-30 by Becfollow
A story for everyone who has ever had trouble making friends.

Imagine living your whole life being misunderstood, marginalised or feeling different. This is how the friendly yet misjudged Frederick the Fox feels every day, when others look and him and decide they must ‘never trust a fox!’

Frederick is the main characther in a new children’s book written by Elissa de Waard, an Australian who has worked in community services for over 20 years. While Frederick may be fictional, he represents all the amazing yet equally misunderstood and marginalised people she has worked with.

Elissa recognised the struggles often faced by people classed as ‘the others’ in society, such as feeling invisible, different and having difficulty making friends. Frederick teaches children to look beyond this concept of ‘the other’ to get to know someone who might be a little different yet are beautiful, wonderful people on the inside, just like Frederick.

If they can give them a chance, children may find the greatest friend they ever have, right in front of them!

Featuring beautiful illustrations by Elise Parker, Frederick the Friendly Fox is a fantastic support tool for children and adults alike. Plus, sales will help support the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF). Businesses and workplaces can purchase a copy, which will be sent on their behalf and distributed to a marginalised community in Australia for little people to read.

With his three values of everyone matters, to treasure friendships and no judgment, Frederick’s story is a precious, engaging resource for little people who struggle to make friends, plus a valuable piece of literature for teachers, day care providers and counsellors to use in the workplace.

To read more about Frederick the Friendly Fox and to order your copy of the book, head over to the website . You can also follow Frederick the Fox on Facebook or Instagram .

You never know just how kind and friendly a person is if you never give them a chance or get to know them. With Frederick’s help, children all over Australia can learn to accept their peers for how they are and maybe even find a new friend for life.

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